“The Biggest Little Farm” reaffirms my belief in simplicity, purpose and sustainability

Last night my wife and I watched a fantastic documentary called “The Biggest Little Farm“. The film chronicles the 8 year journey of John and Molly Chester from small LA city apartment to 200 acres of biodiverse farm. They have a dream of coexisting with nature and “traditional” farming, where over time they transform a barren landscape into a lush paradise. The cinematography is beautiful and their story is hopeful, often emotional, and inspiring.

I don’t suddenly want to become a farmer, but The Biggest Little Farm got me thinking about what constitutes sustainability, purpose and a good life.

Some personal takeaways prompted by the documentary included:

  • Problems are inevitable and a part of life
  • Observation is important before jumping to conclusions or taking action.
  • New isn’t always good and technology isn’t always the solution. Sometimes there is wisdom in doing things the ‘old’ way.
  • Nature is incredibly complex, intricit and awesome. Human intervention can disrupt what is otherwise a sustainable system.
  • We are but pieces of bigger picture and are not the center of the universe.
  • Diversity is important and beneficial.
  • What might initially be perceived as a negative, often serves a purpose and should be embraced.
  • Follow your dreams and anything is possible.

No, I’m not interested in now becoming a farmer, even though it sometimes looked like an idyllic life. What the film reiterated for me is that I want to live a simpler life, full of purpose and daily challenge, which is more connected to nature and the outdoors. The Biggest Little Farm also renewed my faith that change is possible and even pursuing outrageous dreams is a possibility.

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2 thoughts on ““The Biggest Little Farm” reaffirms my belief in simplicity, purpose and sustainability

    • I’ll update it on the weekend but my Resources page includes links to some excellent blogs. These are mainly FI, minimalism and travel. I need to add some recommendations around the eco side of things. There are some amazing bloggers who combine all these elements and I’ll make sure to highlight them. Watch this space


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