Waking up! Discovering FIRE and a new sense of optimism

A few months ago I discovered the FIRE lifestyle movement thanks to a friend at work. We were discussing possible passion projects / side-hustle opportunities and from memory I was lamenting the “golden handcuffs” of work. We both have families to support, mortgages to pay etc. and the excuses were numerous as to why we weren’t pursuing something more meaningful than our current jobs. He stopped me, looked me in the eye and asked two questions “what if money wasn’t a constraint?” and “what if you could pursue these ambitions without the pressure of needing to work?”

Financial Independence: More realistic than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
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The benefits of subtraction – the freedom and happiness gains of owning less

The simple life

My wife and I made the decision a few months ago to live with fewer possessions. We’ve sold, donated or discarded a huge percentage of our family’s possessions. Tables, books, TV’s, desks, outdoor furniture, boxes of Lego, clothes, plus other things that now just didn’t seem necessary in our lives. When we actively started looking around at our “stuff”, we realized how superfluous a lot of it really was. It’s been a liberating process.

This intentional choice has delivered a number of tangible benefits for us:

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