Having a bad day at work? The pursuit of Financial Independence helps me cope, insulates me from economic downturns and gives me hope for the future

Work was tough last week – long hours, lots of pressure and an unsatisfactory discussion with my boss about the future of my role. It reaffirmed for me one of the key reasons that I’m pursuing financial indepence (FILLS) – to be free from the golden handcuffs of work (or at least this job) and have choices around how I spend my time. To live a life of purpose, meaning and joy without the burden and daily grind of paid work. To have the mental space to be present with my family at night, instead of responding to emails. The chance to pursue my dreams and ambitions rather than those of my corporate masters.

Regardless of whether you love, hate or are ambivalent about work, removing your reliance on a paycheck is both liberating and prudent.

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Waking up! Discovering FIRE and a new sense of optimism

A few months ago I discovered the FIRE lifestyle movement thanks to a friend at work. We were discussing possible passion projects / side-hustle opportunities and from memory I was lamenting the “golden handcuffs” of work. We both have families to support, mortgages to pay etc. and the excuses were numerous as to why we weren’t pursuing something more meaningful than our current jobs. He stopped me, looked me in the eye and asked two questions “what if money wasn’t a constraint?” and “what if you could pursue these ambitions without the pressure of needing to work?”

Financial Independence: More realistic than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
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