How to manage your finances like a grown-up and avoid money worries

You are an adult now. Stop relying on friends and family to bail you out; stop drawing on the bank of mum and dad; stop blaming others, or circumstances, for your situation in life. Get your finances in order and do the basics right. You’re all grown up now; time to act like it!

Good money habits and successfully managing your finances are a foundational element of being a responsible and smart grown-up.

This means living within your means and budgeting. It means doing the right things regularly and without fail, like paying bills on time. It means making smart decisions like avoiding unnecessary debt. It means also keeping one eye on the future by saving and investing.

Whether you are aiming to get out of debt, saving to buy a house, putting money aside for your retirement or striving for financial independence, you should also plan for, and make provisions for, life’s unfortunate events which are outside of your control. These could otherwise easily derail your family’s financial security and any future ambitions and dreams.

Handling your finances like an adult isn’t necessarily always fun. In the long run though it can be liberating and gives you choice and freedom. Managing money like a grown-up is the only way to alleviate money worries permanently and unlock a bright financial future.

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